2022 Small Business Start-Up Legacy Award

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce is pleased to issue a call for submissions for its 5th annual Rising Star Start-Up Award Investing in Entrepreneurs provided in partnership with several of its members to offer support to a budding entrepreneur.

This award will be presented in October during the Chamber's Small Business Week Awards Luncheon, sponsored by MNP LLP on Oct. 21 to assist the recipient in taking their venture to the next level.

Its purpose is to identify a viable start-up - a business that is just beginning to develop, located within Truro and Colchester region - and provide it with a one-time $2,500 cash prize as well as in-kind supports, products and services, from partnering member businesses.


  • You must live within Truro or Colchester Region
  • The business must operate within Truro & Colchester Region
  • Open to an individual or partners with a business idea that needs capital and professional support.
  • All entrepreneurs must have ideas or business models in the start-up phase and have earned less than $5,000
  • Your business idea should stand apart from current business offerings, giving you a unique edge on the competition.
  • Demonstrate the grant money and support services will have a meaningful impact on business growth and job creation in the local area

2022 Small Business Start-Up Legacy Award

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce is pleased to issue a call for submissions for its 5th annual Rising Star Start-Up Award Investing in Entrepreneurs provided in partnership with several of its members to offer support to a budding entrepreneur.

Submissions will be received by the Chamber until Sept. 26, 2022. Awards will be presented at the 2022 Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards luncheon at noon on Oct. 21. Chamber at 902-895-6328 or email [email protected]

Selection Process:

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce will appoint an internal preliminary adjudication committee to review submissions consisting of Chamber Board of Directors and members, which determines the eligibility of each nominee. Submissions will be treated with the strictest of confidence. Shortlisted nominees will be invited to present to a judging panel consisting of Chamber members and/or representatives from sponsoring partners.

Applicants/nominees understand and agree that merely by applying for these Awards does not entitle the applicant/nominee to any other form of consideration.

Decision of the Chamber-appointed judging panel on all matters is final and binding on all applicants/nominees and no correspondence will be entertained on the same.

The Chamber reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Awards at any time, and does not take the responsibility for any loss or damage that any person / organization / Applicant / Nominee may suffer as a result of the Awards being withdrawn or its terms amended.


Small Business Week Award Nominations Now Open!


Small Business Week Awards – Oct. 21, 12 p.m., Inn on Prince

*All Nominees will be contacted to fill out a questionnaire from the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce that will be used by the panel of judges to determine the award recipient.  All responses will be kept strictly confidential.


Small Business Awards 2022 - Nominations Form

Select an award for consideration (Criteria for each listed below)(Required)
Please list your contact information, so we may connect with you if needed.
MM slash DD slash YYYY


2022 Small Business Award nominations are currently being accepted in the following categories:

Note: Qualifying businesses must employ less than 100 people.


New Small Business of the Year, sponsored by Community Credit Union

Criteria: The New Small Business of the Year award recognizes a Truro or Colchester County business person whose dream of opening their own business has earned them the title of “Start-Up Entrepreneur” over the past year. Their business must have shown innovation, and they must offer a unique product or service to Truro and Colchester County.


Small Business Achievement, sponsored by Grant Thornton

Criteria: The Small Business Achievement Award recognizes a local entrepreneur who has been in business for more than 10 years and demonstrates new product or service achievements, business growth and a commitment to their community.


Export Achievement, sponsored by Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Criteria: The Exporter of the Year award will recognize a Truro or Colchester County business that has demonstrated excellence in exporting outside Nova Scotia. The business must have achieved noticeable growth as a result of entering the global marketplace and has made a significant contribution to the growth of the local economy.


Small Business Innovation, sponsored by RBC

Criteria: The Small Business Innovation Award will recognize a Truro or Colchester County entrepreneur who has been in business for more than five years, continually modifying to demonstrate innovative leadership through technology, development of new or value-added products and services and improved productivity. Those nominated for this innovation award portray community spirit and generosity towards clients past, present and future by consistently supporting community causes and grow employment in the local area.



Excellence in Community Development award sponsored by the Town of Truro.

Criteria: The Excellence in Community Development award will recognize a business or social enterprise that has made significant and notable contributions to its community (cultural, social, environmental and/or economic) and that serves as a catalyst for positive action, exhibiting the highest standards of leadership. 


Agriculture/ Agri Small Business Award, sponsored by MNP LLP

Criteria: Recognizes an individual, group or organization or business where the principles of running a successful agricultural or related operation are applied and result in a thriving and environmentally friendly endeavor. The enterprise must derive more than 50 percent of its annual revenue from agricultural-related activities.


Small Business Growth Award, sponsored by BDC

Recognizes a business that has been in operation for more than two years, demonstrating growth in a measurable way such as expansion, increased customers, new employees, and new products. 


Workplace Excellence Award - Payworks

 This award recognizes a small business employee that goes above and beyond in their job duties. The employee delivers excellent customer service, engages in professional development and places a high level of importance on corporate culture, teamwork and ensuring a happy and healthy work environment.


Small Business of the Year Award – CBDC NoBL

Honors an outstanding business with 1 – 20 full-time employees that demonstrates commitment to performance excellence in their business or industry and embodies the spirit of the business community. Must be an independently-owned business for at least 3 years. Recognizes outstanding achievement in some or all of the following: Research & Development, Company Growth, Customer Service, Products & Services, Market Development, Sales & Marketing, and Community Service. The nominee must be a registered business operating in Colchester County. 


Newcomer Business Award – Sponsored by TCPEP 

This award recognizes the contribution to the local economy by a business that has opened in Truro or Colchester County by an individual who has moved to the community in recent years and is not an original resident of this region. 


Tourism business of the year – Municipality of the County of Colchester 

This award recognizes an individual, group, organization or business operating in Central Nova Scotia where the principles of running successful tourism or related operation are applied and result in a thriving attractive business for visitors. The enterprise must derive more than 50 percent of its annual revenue from tourism-related activities.

Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award - Sponsored by the Town of Stewiacke

This award recognizes a business that keeps environmental stewardship at the forefront of its operations. They keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them, and then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. Their focus on environmental stewardship may reduce waste, drive greater resource productivity, address emerging resource security/scarcity issues in the future, while implementing a plan to extract the maximum value and use from raw materials, products and waste, fostering energy savings and reducing Green House Gas emissions.


Nomination forms are also available from the chamber office at 105B Walker Street, Truro and online at www.trurocolchesterchamber.com 

Nominations will be accepted until Sept. 26, 2022


When will the awards be presented?

The award luncheon will be held at the Inn on Prince on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022 beginning at noon.

Butterfly Sculpture - Request for Proposal

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce, along with our partners, is creating a series of interactive, human-scale butterfly wing sculptures to be placed in key main street neighbourhoods throughout Colchester County. These art installations will beautify our downtown and main street neighbourhoods and provide aesthetic, artistic and interactive benefits which will enhance the pedestrian experience for visitors, businesses and the community.

5 x Butterfly Wing Sculptures with moveable display bases, made to human scale that can be decorated by local artisans and can withstand the elements.

For more information, click here to download the Request for Proposal.

Shop Local Boxes - Summer boxes available now!

The Chamber is currently working on Shop Local boxes for Summer, Fall and Winter that will be filled with all local foods and goods.
Our Celebrate Summer boxes filled with 15+ local products as well as samples and specials are now available for purchase. Don't miss your chance to get one of these amazing boxes. Limited supply available!
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COST: $80.00 +hst
Do you have a product that you think will be a good fit for our fall or winter boxes? Fill out the form below to let us know!

Shop Local Boxes Application

Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
Please state how much notice is needed for order. Example: 2 weeks

Business Micro-grant Application Form

Business Micro-grant Application Form

A funding program intended to provide financial aid to registered businesses and non-profits with store-front, physical locations to improve interior or exterior signage and beautify properties to improve curb appeal thereby attracting residents and visitors to their location while creating more welcoming environments.


The program has two streams of funding available: 1. Signage- Interior, exterior, marketing materials and 2. Property beautification. The program could provide a reimbursement of up to $500 of eligible costs (exclusive of HST) for each of these two funding streams.

Micro grants will be:

  • Approved on a case-by-case basis to applicants who best meet, in the opinion of the Chamber’s Micro Grant Sign and Beautification (MGSB) vetting committee, the criteria and objectives outlined in the guidelines.
  • Subject to the availability of funding, offered in phases
  • Subject to an agreement between the applicant and the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce
  • Issued as a reimbursement payment upon project completion. Note direct Chamber billing options may be available at some Chamber member businesses with a pre-approved PO number.


Signage: Wayfinding; exterior large signage; interior directional; product display; sandwich board and inserts; door decals, banners, pop-up banners

Beautification: Umbrellas, flower boxes, re-usable shopping bags, paint, chairs, benches, bistro tables, landscaping, décor, other.

*Other items will be considered on a case by case basis.


Must be a business or non-profit with a physical location located within Truro & Colchester County.

A business or non-profit group with a physical location may apply for both $500 grants on separate applications up to a maximum amount of support of $1,000

The Chamber’s MGBS Committee reserves the right to not approve applications if they deem criteria and eligibility have not been met.

Application process:

Application including cost estimates must be submitted prior to the commencement work

Applicants are responsible to ensure any additions to a property meet landlord rules and municipal by-laws.

If a tenant is applying, the property owners/landlord must approve and sign the application

All work agreed in the application must be completed before a grant cheque is issued.

Payment of the grant is contingent upon competition of the work identified in the application, submission of a reimbursement form and copies of all invoices demonstrating the products approved to be covered by the grant were purchased, to the Chamber MGSB Committee, in accordance with the agreement.


July 19, 2022 – Project is announced and applications open

Nov. 30, 2022 – Application deadline

Dec. 31, 2022 – Deadline for completion of work outlined in application

Jan. 30, 2022 – Deadline for reimbursement of grants.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, please contact Sherry Martell, Executive Director, Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce:

Tel: (902) 895-6328 | Email: [email protected]

Business Micro-grant application form

A funding program intended to provide financial aid to registered businesses and non-profits with store-front, physical locations to improve interior or exterior signage and beautify properties to improve curb appeal thereby attracting residents and visitors to their location while creating more welcoming environments.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
Please enter a number from 1 to 200.
Are you a Chamber Member?
Which grants are you applying for?
Applicants are permitted to apply for both of the $500 grants up to a maximum support of $1,000.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 8 MB.
    Terms & Conditions

    Download application form HERE

    Micro grants_3_

    News Release - Temporary Physician Housing Pilot Project Announced

    May 9, 2022

    News release

    TRURO – Two business-led organizations have launched a pilot project that will provide temporary
    accommodations to support physician recruitment in the county.

    The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce and the Truro Colchester Partnership for Economic
    Prosperity have partnered to lease a fully furnished, two-bedroom apartment located close to the
    Colchester East Hants Health Authority.

    “This as a fantastic opportunity for two major business groups in Colchester County to come together and
    partner with this project,” said Chamber President, Matthew Mossman. “To be able to create this
    opportunity to help bring in physicians to our area by offering temporary housing is so beneficial to
    recruitment efforts.”

    The partnering organizations are members of a Community Physician Recruitment Committee for Truro
    and Colchester, along with the three local municipalities and Millbrook First Nation. The group has been
    working with the province for more than five years in an effort to recruit physicians to this region.

    A lack of housing in the region is impacting the ability for employers to recruit new employees and
    unfortunately this issue has also been identified as an ongoing barrier to physician recruitment.

    The Partnership, partially funded by the business community, has a dedicated employee working handson with physician recruitment activities.

    “Our objective with this project is to provide incoming doctors with a soft landing in the community”,
    said Mark S. Wood, TCPEP Chair. “As opposed to having to scramble to find a place to live, a doctor
    coming to our community can settle into a comfortable, ready-to-go space”. Wood added that TCPEP is
    happy to be collaborating with the Chamber on this innovative new offering. “It is just another important
    piece in our ongoing effort to attract family doctors to our area.”

    An estimated 20 per cent of the population of Truro and Colchester is currently not assigned to a Family

    The Chamber and Partnership have combined funds to invest about $30,000 to support the pilot project
    including the lease, insurance, cleaning and other associated costs. The project launches this month with
    clients ready to move in on a short-term basis.

    The apartment will be available for short-term accommodations for new physicians moving to the area,
    those providing locum (temporary coverage for another in the region physician) or residents and medical
    students needing accommodation as part of their education such as job shadowing or work terms in the

    The Chamber will manage the financial part of the project while the Partnership will co-ordinate with
    physicians requiring accommodation support.

    “I’m happy to see the Chamber, along with our partner, be a part of an idea and once again turning that
    idea into solution-oriented action that will positively benefit our community,” said Mossman.

    While the organizations are pleased to offer this support, they also recognize it is a temporary solution.
    Wood added that, “while this pilot project is a big step forward in our effort, the important work to close
    the physician gap continues”.

    We will continue to do and try new things to ensure that doctors know they will be welcomed and valued
    in Colchester County”.

    Media Contacts:
    Sherry Martell
    Executive Director
    Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce

    J. David Phillips
    Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity

    Dianne Kelderman to receive Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award

    For immediate release

    News release

    April 5, 2022

    Dianne Kelderman to receive Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award


    TRURO – Well-known business woman Dianne Kelderman will be recognized this month for her life-long commitment to economic growth here and the province as a whole.

    Kelderman, president and CEO of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, will be presented with the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce’s Lifetime Achievement Award on April 21, at the organization’s Annual Dinner Gala and Awards in Truro.

    “Dianne is an inspiration to so many with her can-do attitude and out-of-the-box solutions to overcome social and economic challenges,” said Matthew Mossman, Chamber President.

    “We are incredibly pleased to honour her, especially as a Past President of our Chamber, for her many contributions to the local community and helping drive economic development in the province.”

    Through her leadership at the Council, Kelderman has spearheaded countless projects and initiatives to help businesses thrive while also supporting the diverse social needs of communities. She was also recently recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s 25 Most Powerful Women in Business by Atlantic Business magazine.

    This is the first time the Chamber’s Lifetime Achievement award has been presented since 2015 and Kelderman is the first woman to receive it.

    Along with the Lifetime Achievement award, sponsored by Patterson Law, two additional prestigious awards will be presented at the masquerade-themed evening gala. Developer, entrepreneur and community volunteer Joe Pinto will be honoured with a Business Person of the Year award, sponsored by BDC, for his efforts to increase mixed-housing units, repurpose historic buildings in Great Village and support for the Food Bank.  Mastodon Ridge in Stewiacke has been selected as this year’s recipient of the Business Excellence Award, sponsored by Community Credit Union. Marking 25 years in operation in 2021, the popular attraction has been expanded and enhanced in the past year and offers countless spin-off benefits to several businesses as a key tourism destination.

    The Chamber is pleased to bring back an in-person event after hosting a virtual gala and awards in 2021. Ian Munro, Chief Economist with the Halifax Partnership will be the guest speaker for the event discussing market trends. The President’s Social will kick off the evening’s festivities at 6 p.m. at the Best Western Glengarry followed by the gala dinner at 7 p.m. Seats must be reserved in advance by April 15 and cost $65 plus HST for members and $75 plus HST for future members. To book a seat contact the Chamber at 902-893-6328, email [email protected] or reserve online at www.trurocolchesterchamber.com by clicking on the event’s calendar.

    The Chamber is a non-profit, membership-based organization representing more than 450 businesses and organizations in the Truro and Colchester region as the recognized voice of business.



    Media contact:

    Sherry Martell

    Executive Director

    Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce


    [email protected]

    Call for Nominations open for Gala & Awards

    The call for nominations is now open for the BDC Business Person of the Year Award & the Business Excellence Award. Nominations will be received by the Chamber until April1st, 2022. Awards will be presented at the 2022 Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala & Awards taking place on April 21st at the Best Western Glengarry. The cost is $65 for members and $75 for future members. To reserve your seat, call (902) 895-6328, email [email protected] or visit the Events Calendar.


    Nomination form for BDC Business Person of the Year Award

    Nomination form for the Business Excellence Award

    AGM announced for March

    Join us as we welcome a new slate of officers, and to learn about Chamber activities.


    March 9th

    AGM at 11 am

    Truro Legion - 42 Brunswick St, Truro


    Luncheon at 12pm

    $30 for Members and $35 for Non Members


    Guest Speaker

    Arnold Hagen

    Owner of Harris Home Hardware (Truro & Bible Hill) and Truro Mall

    Speaking on his Development Projects in the area


    To register click HERE


    Download our Health & Wellness Kit for Business today!

    Health & Wellness Kit for Business

    Health and Wellness programs support employee well-being

    Designing and managing an employee wellness program is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees and potentially improving the overall cost of employer-provided health care.

    The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Truro and Area Community Health Board Wellness Funds program, and several local groups to support the business community in establishing health and wellness programs for their staff.

    Within this Workplace Health & Wellness kit, we have provided local and global resources to build a workplace wellness program, a sample plan and activities to inspire you to try new things while also offering challenges with incentives to boost participation.

    Download the Health & Wellness Kit for Business HERE

    Download the  Health & Wellness Activity Kit HERE