Chamber receives national support to protect vital trade corridor

Media Release

October 14, 2023

Chamber receives national support to protect vital trade corridor

TRURO- Local advocacy efforts by the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce seeking government action to secure a vital trade corridor have been endorsed by members Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

On Oct. 14, Chamber executive director Sherry Martell presented advocacy recommendations to protect the trade route along the Chignecto Isthmus to the national Chamber network at its policy debates and AGM in Calgary. These recommendations were accepted by the majority of 375 chamber representatives in attendance.

“Securing this trade corridor is an absolute priority and government at all levels, must immediately put an action plan in place to address the urgency of it,” said Martell. “Last year at the completion of a $700,000 study looking at the impact of climate change on this vital trade route, costs of remediation were estimated at about $300M.”

Martell said that amount has already increased to an estimated $400M.

“For every day without action the cost to secure this vital infrastructure increases along with the risk of serious disruption to the nation’s economy,” said the executive director.

More than $50 million in trade traverses the Chignecto Isthmus daily, linking Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to the rest of the nation. There are numerous transportation and energy transmission linkages that, if interrupted, would have enormous economic impacts on people and businesses in and outside Atlantic Canada.

Last year, nearly half of the imports arriving at the Port of Halifax, the closest year-round port to access European markets, were shipped to central Canada, and further west. The port also saw 39 per cent of exports arrive at the Halifax port from central Canada, 21 per cent from the Midwest US, and others from further west.

“It was an honour to present these recommendations for government action on behalf of my Chamber colleagues in Atlantic Canada,” said the executive director. “Now, the work to bring government of all levels together to agree upon a path forward that can be put into action with haste is a priority, not only for our Chamber but at a national level as well.”

The Truro Chamber’s Vice-President Kim Boomer also attended the national policy meetings.

“It is such a great opportunity to be present during policy debates at the national level, to see the wonderful collaborative work being done by Chambers across this country,” said Boomer. “At this one specifically, to see our Executive Director’s incredible work come to fruition, and be accepted, is very exciting for the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce, and our other Atlantic Chambers that were part of supporting the policy.”

The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce represents more than 500 business in the region and actively participates in advocacy at all levels of government ensuring the voice of business is heard.


Media Contact:

Sherry Martell

Executive Director

Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce


Chamber recognizes 14 outstanding businesses during Small Business Week

Small Business Week activities reinforce shop local message


TRURO - The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce believes thriving communities and a healthy economy go hand and hand. That sentiment was at the root of the business organization’s annual Small Business Week celebrations, aiming to grow awareness about the importance of supporting local businesses.


"We understand the challenges many businesses are facing right now,” said Executive Director Sherry Martell.  “Labour shortages across many sectors, increased pressures of high interest rates, supply chain demands, a seemingly endless quagmire of "red tape" and a growing need to reboot consumer confidence, among many other challenges, are hampering business’s ability to grow and thrive."


Martell said it is vitally important for consumers to adapt to a "local-first" mentality to support the overall health of their communities.


In Canada, about 98 per cent of businesses are considered “small” by meeting the criteria of employing less than 100 people. Looking at the membership of the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce, 82 per cent its members employ 25 people or less.


“These small businesses are the backbone of our community,” said the Executive Director.


For every dollar spent at a local, independently owned business, 60 to 70 per cent is returned to the local economy by way of payroll, commercial taxes, sponsorships, donations to local charities, etc. to support economic growth.


“There are other ways to show support for your local business community that have no cost. Like or share their social media posts online to boost their reach, give them a positive Google review, recommend their products or services to friends and family and be kind,” said Martell


During the week-long business celebration, the Chamber hosted a Women in Business Breakfast and a Small Business Awards luncheon where 14 awards were presented to outstanding business leaders. This year a new award, Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion, was presented.


"The Chamber's Small Business Week awards program is an opportunity to celebrate excellence within our local community and allows us to share stories about the successes of our businesses while creating a greater awareness that we hope translates into increased efforts by consumers to support local," said Martell

What a celebration of Small Business this week! The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce was proud to present 14 outstanding local businesses with awards, celebrate our local Women in Business featuring a presentation by Maritime Mosaic and share about our collaboration with other regional Chamber 's at the new Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce.( formerly Amherst & Area Chamber of Commerce)
Congratulations to all our award recipients!
Cripps & Sons Woodworking, Business Growth Award, sponsored by BDC
Appleton Chocolates Company, Small Business of the year, sponsored by CBDC NOBL
The Truro Forest School ,Environmental Stewardship award, sponsored by Town of Stewiacke
Classic Rentals LTD., Business Achievement Award, Sponsored by Grant Thornton
Underground Snaxs New Small Business Award, Sponsored by Community Credit Union Colchester and Cumberland
Truro Buzz, Business Innovation Award, sponsored by RBC
CNF Family Farm, Newcomer Business of the Year Award, sponsored by the Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity.
Cochrane Family Farm, Agriculture Enterprise of the Year, sponsored by MNP
Alan Syliboy Art Studio, Excellence in Community Economic Development, sponsored by Town of Truro
Water'n'Wine, Employee of the Year, sponsored by Payworks
Seek Wilderness Accommodations, Tourism Business of the Year, sponsored by the Municipality of the County of Colchester
Skin Decision Inc., Diversity and Inclusion Award, sponsored by Futureworx
Northern Lights Aerial Photography , Legacy Award -Rising Star, sponsored by the membership of the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce
Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms Inc., Exporter of the Year Award, sponsored by Invest Nova Scotia
Without our sponsors these award programs would not be possible and we thank them for their generous support




Policy Footnote

Note: Any policy adopted by the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce at each year’s Annual General Meeting is adopted for two years unless otherwise specified or reconsidered at a subsequent meeting. At the end of the Annual General Meeting two years after a policy is adopted, it expires unless it is renewed for an additional two years, or such other time as passed by motion at an AGM. Should circumstances require changes to a piece of policy before an AGM, it will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors, in conjunction with the policy committee. Those changes will then be voted on at the next AGM

Taxation System Review


In 2008, the Nova Scotia government announced it would be conducting a “major review” of its taxation system. The aim, according to the province, would be to put in place ‘‘the best possible tax system,’’ while helping the province’s economy become more competitive. The review would examine business and personal income taxes as well as provincial user fees.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will urge the Nova Scotia Government to make this review as transparent as possible, with adequate time for input from residents and the business community and that any reasonable input received be given serious consideration before any decisions are made.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed

Transportation Infrastructure


The Truro and surrounding area has long been recognized as the “Hub of Nova Scotia.” Many goods and people travelling to other areas of this province and country have to go through our region to get where they are going. The safe and efficient movement of these goods and people is a vital part of our economic well-being in the Colchester Region and has been for many years. The rail industry has been synonymous with Truro for a long time and as such, improvements and upgrades to it should be encouraged by the business community as a way to strengthen the local economy. However, there has been a tendency for our region to be overlooked when it comes to transportation infrastructure funding in favour of more urbanized areas of the province and country. If this continues, our identity as “The Hub of Nova Scotia” will be lost.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will actively lobby all levels of government for upgrades, improvements and investments into the area’s transportation infrastructure.

Also be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will urge the Nova Scotia and Federal Governments, via written and verbal correspondence, to return 100 per cent of fuel taxes collected to road and highway infrastructure.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed

Municipal Governance


Colchester County has a unique situation when it comes to municipal governments, as the Town of Truro is contained within the Municipality of the County of Colchester. Added to that are Village Commissions, the Millbrook First Nation, the Town of Stewiacke, etc. all with similar goals and aspirations when it comes to economic development. These municipalities also provide similar services to their constituents, which are paid for through the collection of residential and commercial taxes.

The Truro and District Chamber of Commerce realizes that all municipalities in the Colchester Region have their own mandates and the best interest of their constituents at heart. However, there have been disagreements between municipalities which have held up developments that would benefit our entire region. The TDCoC also realizes that increased cooperation between local municipalities could decrease the cost of some of the services these municipalities provide which, in turn, should ease the burden on taxpayers and provide more money to be entered into our local economy.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce urge local governments and government agencies to work together whenever possible for the greater good of all businesses and residents in our region. And, when conflicting approaches between local municipalities and governments stall economic development in our region, that the TDCoC use any resources it deems necessary, as decided by the Board of Directors, to help resolve those differences as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed



The Truro and District Chamber of Commerce’s membership is comprised of businesses from all different sectors. However, the tourism industry is a huge part of the Colchester region’s economy and is important to the survival of all of its businesses, whether they are directly involved in the tourism industry or not. Attractions and festivals, in whatever form, are all revenue generators for businesses in many different sectors, and as such, are vital to our economic prosperity.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will actively promote Nova Scotia, and more specifically, those attractions and festivals within its boundaries, as premiere tourist destinations and that the TDCoC will support attractions and events in our region verbally and in writing, and financially, where fiscally responsible, as decided by the Board of Directors, in its absolute discretion.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires 2011 unless renewed