Colchester County has a unique situation when it comes to municipal governments, as the Town of Truro is contained within the Municipality of the County of Colchester. Added to that are Village Commissions, the Millbrook First Nation, the Town of Stewiacke, etc. all with similar goals and aspirations when it comes to economic development. These municipalities also provide similar services to their constituents, which are paid for through the collection of residential and commercial taxes.

The Truro and District Chamber of Commerce realizes that all municipalities in the Colchester Region have their own mandates and the best interest of their constituents at heart. However, there have been disagreements between municipalities which have held up developments that would benefit our entire region. The TDCoC also realizes that increased cooperation between local municipalities could decrease the cost of some of the services these municipalities provide which, in turn, should ease the burden on taxpayers and provide more money to be entered into our local economy.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce urge local governments and government agencies to work together whenever possible for the greater good of all businesses and residents in our region. And, when conflicting approaches between local municipalities and governments stall economic development in our region, that the TDCoC use any resources it deems necessary, as decided by the Board of Directors, to help resolve those differences as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed