The Truro and surrounding area has long been recognized as the “Hub of Nova Scotia.” Many goods and people travelling to other areas of this province and country have to go through our region to get where they are going. The safe and efficient movement of these goods and people is a vital part of our economic well-being in the Colchester Region and has been for many years. The rail industry has been synonymous with Truro for a long time and as such, improvements and upgrades to it should be encouraged by the business community as a way to strengthen the local economy. However, there has been a tendency for our region to be overlooked when it comes to transportation infrastructure funding in favour of more urbanized areas of the province and country. If this continues, our identity as “The Hub of Nova Scotia” will be lost.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will actively lobby all levels of government for upgrades, improvements and investments into the area’s transportation infrastructure.

Also be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will urge the Nova Scotia and Federal Governments, via written and verbal correspondence, to return 100 per cent of fuel taxes collected to road and highway infrastructure.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed