Taxation System Review


In 2008, the Nova Scotia government announced it would be conducting a “major review” of its taxation system. The aim, according to the province, would be to put in place ‘‘the best possible tax system,’’ while helping the province’s economy become more competitive. The review would examine business and personal income taxes as well as provincial user fees.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will urge the Nova Scotia Government to make this review as transparent as possible, with adequate time for input from residents and the business community and that any reasonable input received be given serious consideration before any decisions are made.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed

Transportation Infrastructure


The Truro and surrounding area has long been recognized as the “Hub of Nova Scotia.” Many goods and people travelling to other areas of this province and country have to go through our region to get where they are going. The safe and efficient movement of these goods and people is a vital part of our economic well-being in the Colchester Region and has been for many years. The rail industry has been synonymous with Truro for a long time and as such, improvements and upgrades to it should be encouraged by the business community as a way to strengthen the local economy. However, there has been a tendency for our region to be overlooked when it comes to transportation infrastructure funding in favour of more urbanized areas of the province and country. If this continues, our identity as “The Hub of Nova Scotia” will be lost.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will actively lobby all levels of government for upgrades, improvements and investments into the area’s transportation infrastructure.

Also be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will urge the Nova Scotia and Federal Governments, via written and verbal correspondence, to return 100 per cent of fuel taxes collected to road and highway infrastructure.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed

Municipal Governance


Colchester County has a unique situation when it comes to municipal governments, as the Town of Truro is contained within the Municipality of the County of Colchester. Added to that are Village Commissions, the Millbrook First Nation, the Town of Stewiacke, etc. all with similar goals and aspirations when it comes to economic development. These municipalities also provide similar services to their constituents, which are paid for through the collection of residential and commercial taxes.

The Truro and District Chamber of Commerce realizes that all municipalities in the Colchester Region have their own mandates and the best interest of their constituents at heart. However, there have been disagreements between municipalities which have held up developments that would benefit our entire region. The TDCoC also realizes that increased cooperation between local municipalities could decrease the cost of some of the services these municipalities provide which, in turn, should ease the burden on taxpayers and provide more money to be entered into our local economy.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce urge local governments and government agencies to work together whenever possible for the greater good of all businesses and residents in our region. And, when conflicting approaches between local municipalities and governments stall economic development in our region, that the TDCoC use any resources it deems necessary, as decided by the Board of Directors, to help resolve those differences as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires in 2011 unless renewed



The Truro and District Chamber of Commerce’s membership is comprised of businesses from all different sectors. However, the tourism industry is a huge part of the Colchester region’s economy and is important to the survival of all of its businesses, whether they are directly involved in the tourism industry or not. Attractions and festivals, in whatever form, are all revenue generators for businesses in many different sectors, and as such, are vital to our economic prosperity.


Be it resolved that the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce will actively promote Nova Scotia, and more specifically, those attractions and festivals within its boundaries, as premiere tourist destinations and that the TDCoC will support attractions and events in our region verbally and in writing, and financially, where fiscally responsible, as decided by the Board of Directors, in its absolute discretion.

Passed at the 2009 AGM. Expires 2011 unless renewed

Past Presidents

Past Presidents of the Truro and District Chamber of Commerce (Truro Board of Trade)

The Senate club was formed in 1966 with all past presidents asked to participate.

1932 - D. M. Smith

1933 - R.B. MacLennan

1934 - H. Ward Murdock

1935 - Senator F. M. Blois

1936 - Frank T. Stanfield

1937 - Frank T. Stanfield

1938 - B. C. Holder

1939 - E.B. MacDaniel

1940 - S.E. Archibald

1941 - W. A. Flemming

1942 - W. A. Flemming

1943 - W. A. Flemming

1944 - D. A. Sandilands

1945 - H. B. Goodspeed

1946 - C. G. Mac Leannan

1947 - K. M. Armstrong

1948 - George Wilson

1949 - George Wilson

1950 - G. T. Purdy

1951 - C. Elmer Doyle

1951 - C. Elmer Doyle

1952 - H.I Cornell

1953 - Dr. W.V.Longley

1954 - Wm. H. Yeadon

1955 - B.M. Goodman

1956 - Arlie G. Parks

1957 - J.M. Murphy

1958 - J.M. Murphy

1959 - J.M. Murphy

1960 - D. C. Stephen

1961 - J. Randy Bourgeois

1962 - J. E. Tipler

1963 - Clarence B. Johnson

1964 - Frank R. Fulton

1965 - Ryland L Marshall

1966 - John F. Lawrence

1967 - W.J. Bigelow

1968 - Don A. McLeod

1969 - Eric D Mosher

1970 - Neil N. Mac Lennan

1971 - Logan S. Barnhill

1972 - Don H. Goodspeed

1973 - Henry A. Johnson

1974 - Allan F. Bruce

1975 - W. Frank Harvey

1976 - W. Frank Harvey

1977 - Carl T. Bigelow

1978 - Dr, George Yuill

1979 - Brian E. Ross

1980 - Ira Parker

1981 - Robert Fulton

1982 - A.M. Murchie

1982/83 - Robert Fulton

1983 - Edgar Goss

1984 - Orland Dickson

1985 - Ernie Lund

1986 - John MacDougall

1987 - Phil Rafuse

1988 - George Teed

1989 - Phil Cole

1990 - Mark Mc Crea

1991 - David Curtis

1992 - Wayne Gillis

1993 - Wayne Gillis

1994 - John Kelderman

1995- John Kelderman

1996 - Ed MacDonald

1997- Ed MacDonald

1998 - Dianne Fitzgerald

1999 - Dianne Fitzgerald

2000 - Floyd Gaetz

2001 - Duane Rath

2002 - Bob Williams

2003 - Alain Begin

2004 - Peter Henderson

2005 - Laurie Jennings

2006 - Greg Mosher

2007 - Melody Lockhart

2008- Ted Jordan

2009- Jim Lorraine

2010- Chantale Hache

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Rates as of January 1st, 2016

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY                                           PRICE        HST       TOTAL

Retirees 68.70 10.30 79.00
Small Non-Profit 125.00 18.75 143.75
Business 1 - 2 135.00 20.25 155.25
Business 3 - 5 167.00 25.05 192.05
Business 6 - 10 199.00 29.85 228.85
Business 11 - 25 249.00 37.35 286.35
Business 25 and over 335.00 50.25 385.25
Large businesses: i.e. Financial  Houses, Banks, Industries, etc. 417.00 62.55 479.55

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Benefits of Membership


As a member of the Chamber you gain access to many benefit programs that can save you or your company money. You can recover the cost of your membership many times over just by taking advantage of these money and time saving benefits:

The Chamber Group Health Insurance Plan

Our health insurance program is regarded as the #1 Group Plan in Canada for Small Businesses. By sharing your claims with over 28,000 other Canadian businesses like you (1–50 employees), you’ll not only have access to healthcare, dental, disability, etc., but you’ll also know that your premiums will remain stable years into the future regardless of how much you may claim. Call the Benefit Experts at Theriault Financial Inc. at (902) 434-9088 to learn more or you can click here.

The Chamber Merchant Credit Card Discount Program

This discount allows merchant members low rates on Debit Card Fees, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card transactions. Discount rates are also offered on wired and wireless, Iphone and Ipad terminals, to name just a few.  Only as a Chamber Member can you enjoy such great discounts. For more information and a free comparison with the rates you are paying now, contact Gary Jones with First Data at (902) 403-9567 or email him by clicking here.

The Chamber Esso Business Card Program

Imperial Oil is pleased to offer Chamber members and their employees the opportunity to enroll in the Esso Business and Fleet Card program offering member fuel rebates. The Esso Business and Fleet Card program is a convenient and secure way to control and manage fuel expenses for your company vehicles! Save as much as 3.5¢ on every litre of fuel purchased. Click here for full details.

Access to Group Home and Auto Insurance through Caldwell Roach

As a member of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce, you’re automatically entitled to many home and auto insurance benefits from Caldwell Roach and Aviva Traders, including: Preferred group rates on your home and auto, easy pay options, No monthly service fees, free unlimited legal, health and home advice, a money back claims Service guarantee and accident waiver coverage. If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce or an employee of a member, you are eligible for this program, even if you are an existing customer with Caldwell Roach. Click here for more information or call 1-888-511-0777 for a free quote!

Access to Home, Auto and Travel Insurance through Johnson Insurance

As a member of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce, you are entitled to preferred home, auto and travel insurance rates through Johnson Inc. designed to save money and make things easier for you. Whether you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce or an employee of a member, you can qualify for these preferred rates. Click here for more information or call your local agent.

Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is a document attesting that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. COs may be requested by customs administrations, importers, freight forwarders or banks for clearance of letters of credit. The issuance of a CO is an important function for chambers of commerce as many countries view chambers of commerce as credible organizations and require that they authenticate documents with their stamp or seal. With a membership with the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce, we will authenticate these documents for you free of charge! (For non-members, we charge $45.00 plus HST per authentication).

Access to Preferred Rates though Enterprise Car Rental

A membership with the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce gives you access to considerable savings from Enterprise Rent-A-Car by reducing the cost of your local/regional business travel. The program provides discounted rates at any of the 228 North American Enterprise locations !

Other benefits of joining the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce include:

Advocacy – Working for a Healthy Business Environment

Advocacy is the heart and soul of Chamber activity. Your Chamber takes a stand on local, regional and national issues that affect business. It gives active support to local businesses and lobbies for their benefit. Every year, we meet with the local MP, MLAs, Mayors, councillors, etc., to pass along the concerns of the business community and press for change. We issue news releases on business concerns that are distributed to local media outlets and through our social media sites, reaching thousands of people.

Networking – Expand Your Business Contacts

‘Networking’ is one of the most important factors in business success. The Chamber hosts many business and social functions that provide the opportunity to network. These networking events allow you to expand your business and social contacts. Your Chamber also hosts ‘targeted networking’ events, an opportunity to learn and practice your networking skills while meeting other members.

Raise Your Company Profile.

The Chamber provides publicity opportunities including a “New Member Profile” and “Members in the News” articles that are published in HubNow, posted on the Chamber's website and on the Chamber's social media profiles. Your individual membership profile that is posted on our website when you join will improve your ranking in search engines like Google and Bing and give a wider audience access to your contact information and the products and services you provide. Sponsorship of Chamber events provides exposure to a large segment of the business community. Your Chamber understands the importance of business exposure.

Attend Educational Events - Luncheons, Roundtables, and Panel Discussions

The Chamber hosts many educational events featuring informative and provocative guest speakers. Educational issues range from local politics to regional economic development, business issues, financial management, etc.

Attend Community Events – Business and Recreation

The Chamber offers many community events for its members to attend. These include the Colchester County Home Show, The Chamber Golf Tournament, The Annual General Dinner, Best of Colchester, Small Business Week Events and many Lunch n' Learns designed to be fun, educational and to help you grow your contacts. These events are great places to network!

Member-to-Member Discount Opportunities

Your Chamber provides the opportunity to give and receive discounts from other members on a variety of valuable goods and services. Click here to see what is currently available.


The Chamber publishes articles in HubNow. About 20,000 copies of this monthly newspaper are delivered to various sites all over Colchester County. The Business News section features articles from the Chamber Executive, informative articles on business skills, Chamber events and Community and Regional updates.

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce Website. is a core component in the Chamber’s communication strategy. It allows visitors to keep up to date with chamber news and activities, view and register for Chamber events as well as email any questions or concerns. Our membership directory also gives consumers access to products and services available throughout the Truro/Colchester region and received thousands of hits per month. Make sure your business is included!

Your Chamber Supports Our Community.

The Chamber of Commerce is proud of its position as a strong community supporter. It supports an ongoing number of community initiatives including the Festival of Lights, the new Central Nova Civic Centre and others. Our role is to enhance our entire community through the development of a vibrant business sector.