Chamber to Spearhead Economic Task Force for Central Nova Scotia

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce has agreed to spearhead a task force aimed at revamping or replacing the Colchester Regional Development Agency.  (CoRDA)

At a meeting of business and political leaders this morning, a consensus was formed to:

  • work together for cooperation and continuity in economic development across Colchester, Truro, Millbrook and Stewiacke
  • build upon existing infrastructure, possibly examining the re-making of CoRDA’s services into an agency for the future
  • issue a call for a joint meeting of the Towns of Truro and Stewiacke as well as Colchester County to come together and build a real consensus with the help of a Chamber-led task force of business and community leaders
  • investigate the best way to access provincial money that’s been set aside to help the process
  • hold an economic summit in September to make it all happen, before access to provincial money is no longer available


Chamber  President  Mike Michaud is pleased with the crowd of established business people and younger entrepreneurs who took part in the two-hour Town Hall-style meeting at the Dal-AC Campus this morning.  There was also a good showing of local and provincial political leaders.

Michaud says one notable absence was Colchester County Mayor Bob Taylor, but he’s hoping that absence can be changed in the days ahead.

“It’s kind of shocking that Bob Taylor chose not to participate in such an important event,” says Michaud.  “However, there were several Colchester County Councillors on hand today, who I’m sure will carry the message to Colchester’s Mayor that we’d like to work with him. “

Michaud is concerned that a provincial election call this fall could wipe out any promised money to help build upon the economic success that CoRDA and others have achieved over the past two decades for this region.

Michaud says the clock is ticking, and it’s time all political and business leaders got in the game.

“The time for finger-pointing and territorialism is over.  A region with all the advantages that Colchester County, its towns and Millbrook has to offer shows we need to come together to take advantage of the growth that lies ahead,” he says.  “With only 52,000 people, we’re not large enough to continually divide ourselves and miss out on provincial money that’s designated to help us.”  (Regional Enterprise Network funding ear-marked this year by the Province of Nova Scotia)

The Task force of business and community leaders expects to hold its first meeting next week, to begin planning for a multi-municipal business summit in September.