July 8, 2013

TRURO – The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce is inviting business and political leaders to a collaborative meeting designed to come up with a solid economic development plan for the Truro-Colchester Region.

In order to take action on the opportunities that lie ahead, Chamber President Mike Michaud and his board members are planning an “Economic Summit Meeting”, which will be held this Thursday, July 11th at the NSAC Alumni Theatre, located in Cumming Hall, from 8 am until 10 am.

“As business leaders, we’re concerned about the path our municipal government partners are planning to take in order to further the kinds of business training, business and events attraction and immigration success stories that have been key to our growth,” says Michaud.  “Most of that success has been spearheaded by CoRDA (The Colchester Regional Development Agency) over the past 2 decades, and with CoRDA’s future up in the air, it’s sending the wrong signal.   We need a solid plan to make sure these services stay within the community.  Our future growth depends on that. “

The Chamber has spent the past three weeks speaking with business leaders, municipal politicians and provincial players in the economic development field.

Michaud says he’s getting the thumbs up from key players that it’s time to hold a meeting that will bring everyone together in order to chart a solid course for our economic future.

Chamber Past-President Don Hay says he wants to emphasize the importance of Thursday’s event, “as we work together to chart a course for sustained and planned growth in Truro and Colchester County.”


For more information,

Mike Michaud – 986-2888

Don Hay – 890-8293