News Release

May 31, 2017

Chamber looks forward to working with newly elected MLAs to strengthen economy

TRURO – The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce congratulates the region’s three newly elected MLAs and looks forward to working with them on local issues.

Chamber president Alex Stevenson said the organization will build on established relationships with Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River MLA Lenore Zann, Colchester North MLA Karen Casey and Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley MLA Larry Harrison. The three incumbents retained their seats following Tuesday’s provincial election, which saw the Liberals return to government for a second consecutive term.

“Constituents in this region had tough choices with many quality candidates in the race for seats,” said Stevenson.

Prior to the election, Nova Scotia chambers reached out to each of the parties to ask what their government would do to create an environment for business to thrive. Responses were shared with the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce membership.

Stevenson said while a majority Liberal government provides an element of confidence and stability to the provincial economy, the Chamber will continue to monitor the progress of the party’s election platform that named creating a competitive tax environment, improving trade-enabling infrastructure, addressing service effectiveness within government, supporting innovations and investing in workforce attraction and retention as key priorities to support business.

The Chamber was also pleased to host a series of debates for the nine candidates running in each of the three local ridings prior to the election that offered them an opportunity to share their party platforms with the public.


The Chamber is looking forward to meeting with each of the newly elected MLAs in the coming weeks.

“Maintaining a respectful relationship with all of our elected officials is important to the Chamber,” Stevenson said. “We will continue to foster an awareness of issues impacting the local economy working together in the best interest of our business community.”

The local chamber represents more than 400 member businesses and has been the principle voice of business in the Colchester region for more than 127 years in matters of economic, social and political importance.