Red Woof Inn Doggie Daycare

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Red Woof Inn Doggie Daycare is a locally owned and operated facility located in Central North River, Nova Scotia. We pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding service. When your dog comes to Red Woof Inn, he or she will be integrated into a supervised play group that best suits their personality. We follow the ‘play all day’ method where your dog will interact with other dogs. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog’s comfort level so please let us know if your pet has any social issues that need to be addressed.

All dogs coming into our care are required to come to the facility for a free meet and greet. This gives us the opportunity to see how you dog interacts with others, as well a chance for you to see how things are done here. It also gives us  time to review the Application Form that we use. The meet and greet can be set up pretty much any afternoon with at least two days notice. Please call us for an appointment between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our number is 902-957-6997

10% Discount for daycare or boarding.

Dogs over 6 months of age are required to attend a 1/2 day free assessment prior to being accepted for daycare or boarding.

1870 Highway 311, Central North River, Nova Scotia, Canada


“Loving Care When You’re not There”