The new Petro Can sign arrives at Masstown (above left) while developer Blair Wallace of Brentwood Developments shows off his new building at the Onslow exit along Highway 1-0-2. (above right)

New Developments Taking Shape at Masstown and
Onslow Exits to Bolster Local Growth

Entrepreneurs like Laurie Jennings, Ron Smith and Blair Wallace have a lot in common.  They want to see Colchester County’s growth take off.  And they’re doing something about it!  Ron Smith is Business Development Manager for the  acreage linking Masstown Market with its Corn Maze at Exit 12.  The new gas bar and convenience store is about to open on that site, with close to 25 construction workers employed to develop the Petro Canada Centre and related expansions next door, which include a business meeting space and professional offices.  Mr. Smith and his employer Laurie Jennings would like to see it grow even more in the months ahead, so watch this space for details.

Mr. Wallace says he has plans for up to 8 new businesses along the Onslow Exit and is also working on developing some new housing on the western side of the highway.  The County of Colchester is also installing new water mains in the area to help plan for the growth to come.  It’s very good news for the region, and for local construction workers.