Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling 2015 Masters resulted in $1.94 million in Economic Impact


A measure of economic impact revealed that over $1.25 million in economic impact as a direct result of the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling 2015 Masters was felt in the Truro and Colchester area, and a total of $1.94 million in the Province of Nova Scotia. The numbers are based on a Sport Tourism Economic Assessment Model provided by the Canada Sport Tourism Alliance.


The 2015 Masters was held at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre from October 27th – November 1st and featured the top 15 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams based on the World Curling Tour’s order of merit. The event saw the number one ranked men’s and women’s teams, Mike McEwen and Rachel Homan respectively, take home the championship prizes.


The event was estimated to have brought nearly 2,200 unique individuals from outside the Truro area to the community during the event. These spectators spent money on such things as local hotel accommodations, meals, groceries, shopping, and vehicle expenses.  Along with the event spectators, there were also 30 curling teams and approximately 40 media personal from Sportsnet in Truro for the event. Local spending by spectators, participants and media, along with the expenditures of the event organizers, resulted in the total economic impact for Truro and Colchester.


“The results of the economic impact of Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling is an incredible accomplishment for the RECC,” said Town of Truro Mayor, Bill Mills, “That was the goal all along! All of us had visions of the facility being an economic engine for the region from the start.  This event, among the many held at the RECC, is very very positive and I believe there are many more successes to come! The volunteers and staff are keys to our success!”


Along with the economic impact assessment, a number of businesses were surveyed to determine the impact the event had on local businesses. Overwhelmingly, businesses reported they’d like to see more events of this magnitude hosted in Truro and felt that overall the event was a huge success for the community, as well as for the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.


“Being the Rock Sponsor for the Grand Slam of Curling was a wonderful opportunity for our business,” said Karen Ballie, owner of Elegant Steps on Inglis Place. “The event brought huge awareness to our community and our business.  We would like to thank everyone who was involved for bringing this opportunity to Truro.”


The event was planned and hosted in partnership with the Town of Truro, Municipality of the County of Colchester, and the Rath Eastlink Community Centre. A host community spent about a year planning the event, and it was executed through the commitment of approximately 150 volunteers.


“This was a terrific event and the results of the economic impact report are tremendous. It goes to show what a great economic benefit events of this magnitude have on the entire community,” stated Municipality of the County of Colchester Mayor, Bob Taylor.


The visibility that the event brought to the Truro area, and to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, was magnified through the televised coverage on Sportsnet and CBC. Along with coverage of the event, a local tourism commercial was aired and beauty shots from the community were shown.


“With the success of this event to add to our resume, the Rath Eastlink Community Centre is well positioned to host many other national sporting events,” said Matt Moore, General Manager of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, “We hope to be part of a formalized approach and an event attraction strategy which will help Truro and Colchester attract more events of this magnitude to the local area. Events of this magnitude are something we take great deal of pride in being able to present to the community.”