Covid-19 Member News

Aroma Maya
One cup is all it takes to fall in love with us! This time, we want to spread some love and invite you join us!
For over a year, we’ve been working with @soulsharbour as we believe in their mission and how they go about it. This time, we want to make a very tangible contribution!
How it works:
1. You order 1 sample to send to a friend, colleague or loved one
2. We ship it for free anywhere in Canada
3. We will donate 1 cup of coffee to one of our local homeless outreach organizations
It’s simple. You give one, we give one! The more you give, the more we give!
**Make sure to select free shipping!
Coffee is roasted fresh every week!
Laurie’s Bakeshop
Normally I like to keep my posts happy and cheerful but today I have to talk about something that’s been going on in the background of our community.
Covid sucks, and because of the current situation we find ourselves in, kiddos are home from school, some families have lost one or more sources of income, and let’s be honest, this isn’t a new thing for our community…but it certainly has made it more difficult on those who already were going through a hard time and also affecting hundreds more. And in many many circumstances people are to embarrassed to ask for help.
We at the Bakeshop have helped a few of these families with a meal here and there but we want to do more. But we need your help!
We have lots of addresses of families who could use a hot meal and many of you have already called and texted to donate to them. If this is something you can help with, please reach out to me (Laurie) every dollar helps. And maybe you know of a family in need, let us know! We do not need a name, just an address for a contactless drop off will work! Let’s all help spread the love together, one hot meal at a time.
💕Laurie and the Bakeshop crew

Lowland Gardens

2021 Opening Announcement:
Thanks to the quick clarification from Dr. Strang’s office about the essential status of the greenhouse Industry, and after consultation with our staff, we have decided to switch back to our original plan of physically opening this weekend.
With the lockdown currently in effect, we see the ability for us to be open (when many others are closed) as a great privilege that we refuse to take for granted. We will be strictly enforcing our COVID protocols, and in order to best serve the number of people looking to come in and get the things they need for their homes and gardens, we will be going back to the 1 person per household rule. It sucks. it makes the experience less enjoyable than being able to browse freely with your family or partner, but it’s the only way we can effectively help people at a 25% capacity, without unpredictably long wait times.
Our COVID Protocols during this lockdown:
– Colchester County residents only. PLEASE respect the provincial travel restrictions.
– One person per household*
– All carts continue to be sanitized
– Hand Sanitizer is mandatory
– Masks are mandatory at ALL times in the greenhouse**
Thank you everyone for your continued support. Stay safe, stay smart, and we look forward to being able to serve all our customers from across the province, once we have all buckled down and dealt with the current outbreak in cases. We have grown LOTS of plants of all kinds, and we will be here for you when you are able to visit us.
Thanks to you all ♥️
– The van den Hoeks