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February 19, 2020

Chamber calling for an immediate end to rail disruption

TRURO – Jobs are being put at risk as the supply chain to manufacturers and other businesses in this region is strongly affected by the disruption of rail service.

“We have the highest number of manufacturers per capita in the province operating in Colchester County and those businesses employ hundreds of people in this area,” said Ron Smith, President of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce. “It is absolutely vital that businesses depending on rail service to deliver raw materials to them for manufacturing can receive those shipments, along with being able to send finished products to reach their destined markets.”

The Chamber has heard from several members impacted by the rail disruption and is encouraging others to reach out to them by email [email protected]. They are also joining chambers from across the Atlantic Provinces and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to call for an immediate resolution to the issue.

“Along with the economic implications for our manufacturers, we know many local businesses are reliant on propane for their operations, from heat to food preparation,” said Smith. “This disruption will have wide-sweeping impacts on businesses here, now and into the future, as contracts are broken because supply demands cannot be met. It also puts the safety and security of our residents and institutions at risk.”

From grocery and retail stores, to vehicle dealerships, construction and manufacturers, members are sharing the many ways the disruption of service is impacting business in Truro and Colchester, an area already feeling the economic impact of the closure of Northern Pulp. Many are facing challenges as they attempt to seek alternate means of delivery. Rationing of basic daily consumables has already begun and material shortages are imminent.

Smith is deeply concerned about the safety of all people as the disruption continues.

“This isn’t just a business issue, this is a national emergency impacting all people, families and children,” he said. “It’s about providing the necessities of life to people and ensuring the safe operation of our institutions.”

The local Chamber supports the statement issued by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce regarding ongoing rail service disruptions:
“From propane to grain and food and consumer items, Canada’s supply chains are being severely damaged by the continuing interruptions to Canada’s rail services by protestors.
The rail system affects the entire Canadian economy and Canadians everywhere, including people trying to get to and from work. They must be allowed to continue to serve the thousands of businesses that depend on them.”

Smith is calling on all parties involved, including all levels of government, law enforcement, business and protesters to work together to bring an immediate end to the blockades and to restore all rail service.

The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of business in this region for 130 years. It represents more than 475 member businesses and advocates on their behalf at all levels of government on issues of political, economic and social importance. For more information, visit



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