October is Waste Reduction Month and The Town of Truro, in partnership with the Downtown Truro Partnership, The Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce and Colchester Waste Resource Management have teamed up to run an awareness campaign to “Reduce Single Use” during the month of October in Truro and Colchester County.
There will be a variety of initiatives that occur during the month, however we are running a social media campaign, asking YOU, the Business Community, to publicly proclaim how you plan to reduce your use throughout the month. Here’s how it works…
1. Choose a waste reduction initiative that works for you and your business and set a goal for the month of October! Examples would include eliminating the use of plastic bags & straws, requesting that suppliers use less packaging, reduce plastic coffee and tea pods in the staff room, etc.
2. Let us know what your initiative is and we will come to you to take a picture of the business owner(s) or employee(s) with a written statement of what you initiative is!
3. These photos will be shared on 4 different social media platforms: The Town of Truro, Downtown Truro Partnership, The TC Chamber of Commerce and Colchester Waste Resource Management’s Facebook and Instagram pages. We plan on highlighting 20 different businesses throughout the month – one per day, Monday – Friday during October!
4. The goal is to raise awareness to the general public and encourage them to take on initiatives of their own through an online pledge!
5. If you’d like to take part in this campaign, please email [email protected] no later than Monday, September 30th and let us know how you plan on reducing single use!