June 6, 2019

News release

Chamber actively lobbying to retain RCMP jobs in Truro

TRURO – Retaining and attracting good paying jobs in this region is a priority for the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber has been actively lobbying the RCMP, along with federal and provincial officials, to retain approximately 55 jobs at its Operational Communication Centre in Truro.

“While the loss of 55 jobs from Colchester region is gravely concerning, we are also concerned the RCMP plan to cluster the two largest police communications 911 systems together with “H” Division Headquarters within a few blocks in Dartmouth is putting Nova Scotian’s in a position of unnecessary risk,” said Chamber President Ron Smith.

He said Chamber’s lobbying efforts began last spring as soon as their office was made aware that the RCMP planned to transfer operations from Truro to the Halifax Regional Municipality by February 2021.

Since that time, the Chamber has held several meetings with elected officials at all levels of government to voice concerns about the move, as well as writing to Public Safety Minster Ralph Goodale and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki.


“Centralizing the positions in HRM simply contributes to the undermining of rural Nova Scotia,” said Smith.


The Chamber received a letter from A/Commr. Lee Bergerman, Commanding Officer of “H” Division, RCMP NS, in which he cited employee health and safety, operational requirements and fiscal responsibility as reasons for the move.

“The senior management team, myself included, did not take this decision lightly,” wrote Bergerman. “This is why we asked for a comprehensive assessment of the options prior to moving forward with a decision.”

Smith said more questions surrounding the RCMPs decision have been raised after reviewing a Critical Ranking Chart and Financial Costing Chart received from Cumberland-Colchester MP Bill Casey through an Access to Information request.

Smith said they are awaiting the results of the recently announced independent review of the RCMP’s plan to relocate.

“The Chamber will continue to lobby to keep these jobs in the area,” said Smith. “That is the reason Chamber’s exist. To advocate on issues in the best interest of our members. It goes way beyond the impact of the loss of these worker’s salaries, the trickle-down effect will be far reaching.”

The Truro & Colchester chamber has engaged chambers from across Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce to assist with lobby efforts.

Smith said the decision is completely at odds with the federal government’s 2015 campaign platform commitment to “strengthen our communities by investing in the things that make them good places to live.”

“It is difficult to understand why this move is being forced on a community when the government’s own information demonstrates the move makes little sense in terms of service enhancement or benefit to the taxpayer.”


Creating a healthy economy and retaining jobs in Colchester County is a foundational pillar for the Chamber which has been serving the area since 1890.


Smith invites people to reach out to Chamber anytime to learn about its advocacy efforts.


Media Contact:

Sherry Martell

Executive Director

Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce