Tobias Portraiture

“More than a “family photoshoot” – it’s more a study of your family. A Tobias portrait on your wall is the culmination of a journey we experience together and you will enjoy for a lifetime.  Our Portrait Artist, Kirk, has been in business for 25 years. He worked with family photographers for ten years prior to that. He has watched some of his clients literally from birth to marriage. That is a journey.

Whether it’s a mixed media painting or a classic family photograph, you will cherish your Wall Art forever.  The feelings they bring out every time you walk by. Your faded memories that bubble to the surface. Special times remembered which suddenly bring a tear to your eye. Your children may even fight over who gets it when that time comes.

How do we ensure your family portraits accomplish this? You are invited to have a Discovery and Design conversation. Either in our studio or by phone. You are encouraged to present your ideas and to tell us about your family. What makes your family, YOUR family? Why are you having THIS portrait created? What do you want THIS portrait to say? To mean?

Your portrait will be created by blending lighting, composition and enhancing techniques learned from studying the great artists of history and the top image creators of today.”

Tobias Portraiture is offering our Members:

  1. $150 off any 24″ of larger canvas family portrait
  2. 50% off headshots for entire staff of 10+

Expires: October 31st, 2019