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Chamber Youth Committee Wants Your Feedback

Dear Chamber Members,

For a long time now, we have all lamented about our shared reality of ‘jobs without people, and people without jobs.’  The Chamber has been engaged in ongoing work on your behalf to address this narrative. While there is no one singular solution to this complex community challenge, we do remain optimistic about the opportunities in our region. We are confident that as a business community we need to play an active role in building the vibrancy of our region.

To this end, one of our strategies has been to facilitate a working group to focus specifically on youth retention. Having explored the above narrative, the group feels we as a business community, can do something about the gap between the available workforce and available jobs. Our proposal closely aligns with the intent of the Ivany Report, and the goals outlined in the consequent N.S. Playbook.

We are proposing to stage a community wide, full day, highly publicized large-scale event in the fall (tentatively in late September), to bring knowledge and awareness to the broader community about the available immediate and long-term job prospects in our region. We anticipate hosting a community wide open-house where participating businesses will open their doors and welcome community members to learn about your particular industry, workplace and job opportunities.

This day is expected to provide a chance for prospective job seekers, both in the immediate and long term range, to learn about what is available. Most of us, as community members at large, know very little what goes on in our respective institutions. This day, is just one opportunity to welcome, inform, build optimism and pride in our region through showcasing opportunities, and ultimately attract prospective employees. The diversity of opportunity in our region is our strength – let’s get the word out!


Here’s a few specifics:


  • Begin and end at a rallying point, could be outside new library.
  • Stage an event that will draw a broad audience. Could have opportunities for business sponsorship/presence at the event itself.
  • From that location we would offer a hop-on hop-off transportation service with your business along the journey. This would bring the community to your door.
  • The event would be broadly promoted.
  • We expect to go big, or go home. We need a significant number of business committed to participating (min. 40).


What we would need from your business:

  • Someone to greet guests as they drop by
  • Consider offering tours of your facility
  • Offer information on your business, industry and job/career opportunities. Maybe a company profile and opportunities handout.
  • Consider swag/door prize etc…
  • Be prepared to receive resumes
  • Support the initiative


Next steps:


We need a solid base of support from you for this concept, if we are to move forward. Our mechanism to solicit your interest is to hear from you by March 1, 2017 by replying to the following questions. You can follow the link below to submit answers electronically. If you prefer, you can also email responses to [email protected], call us at the 902-895-6328 , or drop of in person at the office 605 Prince. St.

Click on Link to Complete Survey


Survey Questions:

  • Do you feel this concept has merit and should be something we put our collective effort behind?
  • Do you expect to have your business participate in this day? If so, what is your company name?
  • Please briefly give a description of your immediate hiring needs. Number and type of positions…
  • Would you have interest in having a business presence during the rally at the start or end of the day?
  • Please indicate if you have a particular interest and are willing to contribute your energy or resources in any aspect of this concept. Success of such an event hinges on a collaborative and all-hands-on-deck approach.
  • Any other comments/advice?